1-Click Digital Ocean Droplet Install

We have packaged the Docker Compose build of FlowForge as a Digital Ocean Droplet. It can be found in the Digital Ocean Market Place here

You can just straight to the deployment wizard here



To make use of this Droplet you will need a DNS Domain to host both the FlowForge application and the Projects you create.

For example if you use ff.example.com then the FlowForge application will run on https://forge.ff.example.com and a project would be on https://[project-name].ff.example.com.

You will need to set up a wildcard DNS entry that points the whole domain to the Public IP address of the Droplet.

*.ff.example.com 3600 A xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx

The Public IP address of the Droplet will be listed in the UI when it has been created

Digital Ocean Droplet IP address


After the Droplet has been created and you have set up the DNS entry you will need to connect to the droplet to and enter the domain name

You can do this in 2 ways

  1. With SSH, either using keys or password depending on what Authentication mechanism you picked at creation time
    ssh -i digtial-ocean-ssh.key root@xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
  2. Opening a Console from the Web Interface Digital Ocean Console

Once logged in you will be presented with a wizard to set the domain and confirm by entering 1 or 2 to enter the domain again.

Digial Ocean Wizard

The wizard will then update the configuration files and start FlowForge

Digial Ocean Direct to Setsup

It will then present a link to complete setup in the browser. You can now close the console connection to the droplet.

Details of how to complete this steps are here


You can follow the normal FlowForge Docker upgrade instructions, the install directory is /opt/flowforge