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Feature: Hosting

FlowForge can be deployed using Docker, Kubernetes or run the core FlowForge platform on your local machine directly.

FlowForge Cloud provides you with a browser-based, secure and cloud-based platform, with all of the FlowForge Premium features included and managed by us to reduce your operational overheads.

Feature: Multiple Applications

Scale your Node-RED infrastructure with as many Node-RED instances as you need.

In FlowForge, a Project manages your instance of Node-RED, attached devices, context, environment variables, and version history.

Feature: Easy Node-RED Upgrades

Enable users to upgrade their Node-RED with a few clicks as new versions are released.

Our intuitive UI makes it clear when projects are running out-of-date stacks, so you have piece of mind over your flows running the latest and greatest versions.

Feature: Application Templates

Spin up instances of Node-RED with all the relevant settings and Node-RED nodes already installed, customised to your own development environments.

Feature: Individual Application Configuration

Control all Node-RED settings on a application-by-application basis, set Environment Variables for deployment and precise configuration of how your Node-RED instances run.

Feature: Audit Log

Keep track of everything going on in your Node-RED instances and FlowForge.

Audit Logs provide details on what actions have taken place, when they happened, and who did them.

Feature: Team-Based Configuration

Manage all of your Node-RED applications in FlowForge Teams, control access and Team-level settings in a central place to reduce operational overhead.

Feature: Role-Based Access Control

FlowForge's intuitive team management tooling makes it easy for you to control whom has access to what.

Feature: Edge Device Management

Manage and control thousands of devices in FlowForge. Define your flow in one central place, then one-click deploy remotely to the edge, all from within FlowForge.

Feature: Version History

FlowForge Snapshots provide capability to save backups of your flows. Revert back to past versions, and use those Snapshots to deploy out to remote devices.

Feature: Persistent File Storage

Read & write to files in your flows. These will persist beyond container and instance restarts and upgrades.

Feature: Single Sign-On (SSO)

FlowForge can be configured to run with your own Single Sign-On (SSO) provider. Allow users to access FlowForge with a single set of login credentials, improving security, user experience, and save them time.

Feature: Inter Project Communication

FlowForge Project Nodes enable the passing of data and messages between your Node-RED projects, included with all FlowForge Projects by default.

Feature: Persistent Context Storage
In-memory values defined in a Node-RED flow will persist across project restarts and upgrades.
Feature: Shared Team Library
Feature: Maximum Teams
Feature: Maximum Local Instances
Feature: Maximum Remote Instances
Feature: Custom Node Catalog
Feature: Private npm Repo Support
Feature: Git Integration
Feature: Devops Workflow
Feature: Usage Reporting
Feature: Community Support
Feature: Ticket-Based Support
Feature: Long-Term Support

At FlowForge we understand that the security practises of our product are important to your company. We've prepared a security statement for you to understand the choices we've made.