FlowForge is an open-source platform for managing IT and OT integration at scale.

From fleet management to frictionless orchestration, FlowForge reduces operational overheads for running your integration infrastructure.

Enterprise Ready Node-RED

If you're interested in what we are working on, or what may come soon,
check out our Development Board and our Product Roadmap.

Node-RED at Scale

Easy instance management, easily suspend and tear down projects. FlowForge makes keeping track of multiple Node-RED projects a breeze.

FlowForge also provides Single-Sign On to ensure that increased scale, also comes with trusted security.

Fleet Management & Remote Deployment

One-click deploy to thousands of devices.

Effortlessly upgrade flows remotely to your edge devices and get an overview of device health and connectivity.

Advanced Collaboration

FlowForge provides intuitive tools to help control access to your Node-RED projects and grow your team without fear of development conflicts.

Team Libraries for your own flows and nodes also make it easy to share code with your team across your Node-RED projects.

Frictionless Orchestration

FlowForge takes away the headache of having to manage your many Node-RED instances.

FlowForge continues to grow and gain further enhancements to assist in your IT and OT integration story.

Standardized Environments

Project Templates accelerate getting started on new flows, with configuration of Node-RED versions and pre-installed third-party nodes.

FlowForge provides stacks for easy upgrading to the latest versions of Node-RED as soon as it's available.

Reduced Operational Overheads

Backed by consistent security across the platform, FlowForge makes hosting, deployment, and management easy.

FlowForge provides centralised audit logging too - bringing you peace of mind and compliance in your production environment

Benefits of FlowForge

Get started with FlowForge Cloud, or install FlowForge for free on your own infrastructure.

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