Team-Based Low-Code Development

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Key Features

Fast setup
Enterprise Ready
Team-Based Collaboration
4000+ integrations available
Edge Devices
Ticket-Based Support

Fast setup

With FlowForge, deploying a new Node-RED project takes moments. No configuration of proxies and setting up DNS, get going in less time than it takes to make a cup of tea.

Enterprise Ready

With centralized user management, and role based access control you can control who has access. Audit logs provide information about what changes have been made.

Flexible organization

Use multiple teams to organize your projects and share access with the right people, invite new users to join the team quickly. Create multiple projects with shared access between all members of your team.

Huge Node Catalog

Leverage over 4000 custom nodes already developed to connect the physical world to digital services and back again.

Edge Device Management

Deploy flows to edge devices with the click of a button. Updating flows in a few megabytes, no need to update Docker images, no need to compromise your security on your devices.

Fully Browser Based

No need to install any software, everything can be managed from a web browser. Simple drag and drop editing of your workflows. Manage your project settings and config from within the FlowForge application.

Node-RED managed for you

Stay up to date with the latest versions of Node-RED made available for you with easy upgrades.

EU Hosted

Our managed platform is hosted in the EU. Dedicated instances in other regions available on request.

At FlowForge we understand that the security practises of our product are important to your company. We've prepared a security statement for you to understand the choices we've made.