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Need guidance on Node-RED? Seek support for your issues in the Community Forum, offering a plethora of resolutions.

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Experience seamless device management with FlowForge and Node-RED support.

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Premium support, highly recommended if Node-RED is used in a production environment.

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When to consider professional support
or using FlowForge?

You use Node-RED for commercial projects

When using Node-RED for commercial projects, it's essential to have a reliable and stable system that operates smoothly and efficiently. Get prompt fixes for major bugs when available, enhancing stability and reliability.

You are running Node-RED productively

You need to immediately know if Node-RED encounters a critical bug that can negatively impact your production performance or security so that you are aware of the problem and can prepare for a fix right away.

Handling urgent issues effectively

For urgent issues, professional support from FlowForge ensures timely resolution and expert guidance.

Adhering to industry standards

Maintain direct contact with the team behind Node-RED and follow best practices to uphold high-quality solutions.

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FlowForge Adds DevOps
to Node-RED for Manufacturing

FlowForge helps companies to reliably deliver Node-RED applications in a continuous, collaborative and secure manner. We introduce to Node-RED many of the devops concepts that are well understood in IT organizations.

Efficient Fleet Management & Monitoring

Many manufacturing companies will use Node-RED to monitor equipment in their factory or fleets of devices in remote locations.

FlowForge automates the process of remote deployment of a Node-RED instance. It can automatically deploy a new version of a Node-RED flow or even roll-back to a previous snapshot.

Collaborative Node-RED Development

FlowForge makes it possible for teams to collaborate on the same Node-RED flows. Team members can now share the same Node-RED instances to make for quicker and more efficient development of your Node-RED application.

Streamlined Application Delivery

With FlowForge, you can set up DevOps delivery pipelines to support development, testing, and production environments. A key to ensuring your Node-RED application delivery is reliable, secure and high quality.

Professional Support for Node-RED

FlowForge offers professional support for Node-RED deployments. Our experts are available to support both your Node-RED and FlowForge deployments.

The FlowForge platform keeps your systems up-to-date with the latest versions of Node-RED and security updates, ensuring the continuity of your operations.

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Connect, Integrate, Visualize & Automate your industrial data