The 1.0 Release of FlowForge represents a significant milestone, we are making a statement to our customers about the product.

Therefore the following are considerations & requirements in order to be able to stand behind that statement.

  • We have the admin features required to manage the platform at an appropriate scale.
  • We have the monitoring and alerting features to run a commercial SaaS platform.
  • We have a suitable licensing model in place
  • The pricing model is sufficiently mature and implemented in the platform as to support our plans for the 1.x timeline.
  • The devices feature is capable of supporting at least one real world use case end to end.
  • Both the Forge app and Device Agent are at 1.0 and the interface between them is locked, such that agents running 1.0 can connect to any 1.x forge application.


Once 1.0 has been released the 0.x line will become deprecated. In general no fixes will be backported to the 0.x line, critical security updates may be considered on a case by case basis.

After 1.0 each major release will be supported for at least 12 months. Customers may need to update through minor releases in order to receive fixes and new features. After a new major release the latest minor release will receive back ported fixes for the duration of the support period.


The 2.0 release may happen within the period that 1.0 is still supported, timing and scope for 2.0 is to be determined.