When a candidate applied they'll have at least two interviews with two different interviewers before an offer is extended to them. One interview will investigate the fit on values. The second will be a competency based interview.

When interviewing to hire new team members, optimize for value-fit over culture-fit. Hiring for value-fit allows others to add to culture and thus fosters diversity and inclusivity.

STAR interviews

Using the STAR framework candidates will be interviewed to describe their experiences in the past. Through their actions we hope to be able to predict their performance in the future.

For the interviewer a template is available with the STAR questions to make a copy of.

Extending an offer

When a candidate goes through the full hiring process an offer might be extended to them. At such a time it's good to understand that the offer at that time is conditional on background checks. If the offer includes an equity component, this part is conditional on board approval of such a grant. Be sure to be explicit about these conditions.

Please use this template to stage an email.

After an offer is accepted

Onboarding on our EOR provider, Pilot, takes at least 3 to 4 weeks. The start date for a new employee should be at least 3 to 4 weeks out. When a conditional offer has been accepted you should immediately:

  1. Create an onboarding issue on the admin GitHub project
  2. Update the internal team overview spreadsheet
  3. Add their stock options to the stock option request spreadsheets


Just before the first day working at FlowForge you'll receive an email requesting for GitHub username and preferred company email address. An issue will be created at our internal issue tracker with steps for the team and you to complete once you started.

The day you start an email will send to your personal email address to gain access to your FlowForge email address which you can leverage to gain access to Slack and other resources. On your first day you should prioritise gaining access to Slack, the FlowForge GitHub organisation, and complete your onboarding issue. Your manager will also assign work to start on in the first week.