Total compensation consists of 3 elements, salary, equity, and benefits. FlowForge aims to provide a total compensation package on par with similar companies in terms of: stage of the company, market, role, and level in the role. The data to validate our compensation is obtained through OptionImpact/


Salary for each role is determined initially during the hiring process based on compensation expectation of the candidate as well as the market rates. Salary is based on your location you live in and the company context. FlowForge pays in your local currency unless explicitly discussed otherwise.


FlowForge can choose to increase compensation based on varying situations:

  • Past year performance, as documented in the September performance review
  • To stay between the 50-75th percentile for companies our stage


FlowForge intents to offers equity for most roles. The level of stock compensation can vary based on when an employee joined, their performance, and the variables that decide salary. Equity is offered as stock options, which upon execution will be transformed in the underlying stock. Stock compensation are awarded on a 4 year vesting schedule with a 1 year cliff.

Employees might be taxed personally when accepting or executing stock options. FlowForge does not provide any advice on financial decisions for employees. For FlowForge employees the Fair Market Value of the underlying stock can be found in this internal document.

Equity is subject to board approval.


Last component of the total compensation are the benefits offered. The intent is to keep these as location independent as possible and practical. However, as a company we strive to offer everyone a decent standard of living. As such we might offer location dependant benefits to ensure standards are met.

Benefits might change during your employment based on changing legislation, changing costs to offer said benefits, or costs outweighing the benefits for team members, or other reasons.

For everyone

1Password Family

As business users of 1Password each team member gets a free 1Password Family account. You'll need to link your family, see also their docs.

Launch Lunch

Each release is celebrated with a lunch. Team members that join a social Zoom call are encouraged to order a lunch. Lunch can be expensed up to $25.

Dinner Bonus

The company's KPI tracking FlowForge ARR sets an aggressive goal for growth. When the growth target is met a $100 bonus is awarded to be expensed for a dinner out. The bonus is awarded per release.

Health Care

FlowForge offers a health care package for all employees in the United States, Canada, and India.