We use Stripe to bill our customers and to manage subscriptions for FlowForge.

Team members will be given a login to the Stripe dashboard as required for their role with an appropriate level of access.


The main use of the Stripe dashboard will be to answer queries on a customers subscription, this should only be in relation to a ticket raised by the customer and we must confirm that the customer team in question on the support ticket is the same one you are looking at it Stripe. Remember that the email address in Stripe may not match that of the FlowForge user as this is a "billing email" You should use the team ID numbers in the metadata field to confirm.


From time to time we may wish to provide a user with some free access to the managed FlowForge platform. In this situation we will create a coupon code in Stripe which can be shared with the users.


Occasionally we may need to apply a credit to a customers account as a goodwill gesture to cover an issue they have experienced, this should be the exception and must be approved by either CTO or CEO. We will also check to see if the customer has received any previous credits on their account.