We will only be successful if the whole Node-RED community is successful.

Our company vision has four parts and captures what we want FlowForge to evolve into in the next 5 years. The vision is inspiration for the product strategy, which is updated continuously. It’s based on the four pillars. This allows us to adapt to changing market conditions so that we meet customer needs.

  • Drive the growth and success of the Node-RED project
  • Build a platform that becomes the standard way of running Node-RED at any scale - Be DevOps for Node-RED
  • Drive adoption of Node-RED in manufacturing
  • Build an inclusive, high-performance team

Drive the growth and success of the Node-RED project

Node-RED is at the core of what we do. Node-RED enables tens of thousands to create and maintain workflows and logic of both physical devices and digital services. Ensuring their effectiveness grows, while new users are introduced to Node-RED is vital to the success of FlowForge.

FlowForge will drive the Node-RED project through:

  • Deliver features to the core of Node-RED that are stable and provide value to the community
  • Actively participate in the community to establish a positive reputation and level of engagement
  • Be model citizens for the open governance of the project. Our activities that impact the core are discussed and developed in the open.
  • Establish close relationships with other stakeholders of the project - those who have their own commercial interest in the success of the project. Encourage participation and engagement in the core project.
  • Driving adoption of Node-RED through our advocacy and our actions.

Become the standard way of running any Node-RED at any scale - Be DevOps for Node-RED

There's a wide range of deployment scenarios and FlowForge aims to build a platform to help each of them to be successful. FlowForge will solve challenges unsolved by Node-RED and push Low-Code beyond the capabilities of Node-RED.

Firstly, team collaboration. Allowing Flows to be developed by multiple individuals, ensuring quality and correctness. Push the boundaries of Low-Code to allow more people to collaborate.

Secondly, Node-RED is deployed in many different environments. FlowForge will allow everyone to achieve the best results whatever the execution context.

We believe these two points will make FlowForge synonymous with Node-RED, and make it attractive to individual users as well as Enterprises. Value offered will increase exponentially as the platform scales to teams of developers and larger deployment scenarios.

Drive adoption of Node-RED in manufacturing

Node-RED itself is already being used today in many industries to connect OT and IT environments, due to the challenge of heterogeneous protocols and demands. This shift is part of a larger trend: teams of all types are realizing that breaking down silos has compounding effects on productivity. Especially in all kinds of manufacturing and industrial companies, the way of production is changing rapidly and therefore the need to further integrate IT and OT.

We are positioned to become the Open-Source DevOps for Node-RED solution – a single application for all innovation and transformation to effectively close the gaps that exist between OT and IT.

Build an inclusive, high-performance team

As a new company that starts small but aspires to grow, we need to ensure that growth is well managed, sustainable and rewarding.

Our values help shape the culture we want to build, both inside the company and beyond.

Key metrics

At FlowForge we're engaged in many initiatives to grow our offering and assess product market fit. Currently we're measuring 1 key metric which serves as heuristic for company wide success.

Managed Node-RED instances


FlowForge is the key product we're verifying in the market currently. Each customer electing to use FlowForge to help them in their Node-RED journey is a signal we're providing value.

An instance is either a remote Node-RED running the FlowForge Device Agent, a hosted Node-RED in the FlowForge Cluster, or an otherwise FlowForge licensed and supported Node-RED instance.

Telemetry collection is opt-in, and dependant on an internet connection. As such it's anticipated to under report the true number of FlowForge managed instances.

Target growth for this metric is 10% week over week.