Be Effective

effective - producing the result that is wanted or intended; producing a successful result

Being effective is split up in two parts; producing results and communication about what our goals are.


Results not Hours

We care about what you achieve: the code you shipped, the user you made happy, and the team member you helped. We value results over measuring hours spent working. We do not dictate how someone should schedule their day - we trust individuals to do what is right. Everyone should feel empowered to do the work needed to achieve our goals.

There may be times when more is needed to meet a goal, deadline or customer situation. We take the responsibility to ensure they are the exceptions rather than the rule.

We don't try to compete over the hours we work - everyone does what is right for them. We focus on what gets done and take pride in seeing each other succeed.

Bias for Action

We value getting things done and continually moving forward. It is better to iterate rapidly rather than get stuck over-thinking a problem. We move with an urgency and a focus to achieve our best.

When you disagree with a solution to a problem, provide a concrete alternate solution to allow momentum to be maintained or even gained.

Ship the minimum viable change possible. Small changes allow fast feedback loops which in turn can aid in deciding the next minimal viable iteration. Further, iteration naturally splits big problems into small steps, creates positive momentum, and allows to capture value quicker.

Be Trusting

To move with high velocity, trust needs to be given before one has had the opportunity to earn it. People can only grow when they're able to take up challenging tasks and project, and are then allowed to go their own route. When challenged, ask for feedback and support, not for permission or approval.



As an open core company our community spans our employees, the open source contributors and our users. We strive to build a healthy, positive community through our values and actions. We celebrate the diversity of others, we listen to each other, we support each other.

We are inclusive of all and are mindful of how our words and actions can impact others. We welcome discussion and debate, but take care to ensure it is not at the expense or exclusion of others. We value empathy, courtesy and respect for each other.


A community can better aid with the success of FlowForge when they're trusted with the same information. This openness builds trust with our community and helps in collaboration. Further, it allows for knowledge sharing and builds understanding.

Use Candor

We use truth as a superpower, even when inconvenient to ourselves. We use it with care and consideration of others. We won’t get everything right all of the time. The only way we can improve is by being honest with ourselves and each other. It can be difficult to achieve and it can feel awkward. When done right, with respect and a shared understanding, it can lead to a better outcome for everyone.

We strongly encourage the sharing of thanks and feedback within FlowForge. This can be done formally through our @Feedback Slackbot. You can read more in Communications

Be Optimistic

We will treat all situations with an optimism that a positive result is possible. We don’t let that get in the way of planning for all outcomes and making the hard choices when they are needed.