Our company strategy has three parts:

  • Drive the growth and success of the Node-RED OSS project
  • Build a commercially successful platform that becomes the standard way of running Node-RED at any scale
  • Build an inclusive, high-performance team

1. Drive the growth and success of the Node-RED OSS project

Node-RED is at the core of what we do. It is the reason the company exists. Our success is fed by the success of the core project. If no-one wants to use Node-RED, no-one will want to use our platform.

  • Delivery features to the core of Node-RED that are stable, well tested and provide value to the community
  • Actively participate in the community to establish a positive reputation and level of engagement
  • Be model citizens for the open governance of the project. Our activities that impact the core are discussed and developed in the open.
  • Establish close relationships with other stakeholders of the project - those who have their own commercial interest in the success of the project. Encourage participation and engagement in the core project.
  • Driving adoption of Node-RED through our advocacy and our actions.

2. Build a commercially successful platform that becomes the standard way of running Node-RED at any scale

The FlowForge platform is what we’re here to create. It needs to solve real problems for real users.

To make FlowForge synonymous with Node-RED, it needs to be attractive to individual users as well as Enterprises.

It needs to provide value to the individual to help them use and manage Node-RED. The value needs to increase exponentially as the platform scales to teams of developers and larger deployment scenarios.

3. Build an inclusive, high-performance team

As a new company that starts small but aspires to grow, we need to ensure that growth is well managed, sustainable and rewarding.

Our values help shape the culture we want to build, both inside the company and beyond.


  • All-remote: we are able to hire the right people from wherever they are in the world. We work openly with one another and value clear communication and decision making without being sat in the same room.
  • Open Source Stewardship: be good role models of OSS participation at all levels
  • Speed: deliver and iterate across releases to maximise responsiveness and learning
  • Reach: avoid pigeon-holing to a single domain or industry. Be general by default, and allow for specialisation by plugin/extension
  • Life balance: our focus on results is not an excuse for long hours and unsociable expectations. Taking time-off and work/life balance are key to the success of an all-remote company
  • Communication: we communicate the good and the bad in a forward looking, constructive and supportive manner. We write things down.

Strategic Initiatives

November 2021

Our strategic initiatives are what we're focussed on today to help deliver the overall strategy tomorrow.

They will evolve and continually update. We may also have initiatives that are not listed here for commercial reasons.

FlowForge Platform

  1. Make the forge app repository public - as an open core project, whilst the core is not necessary OSS, we do want to develop in the open where the community are able to contribute.

    Making the repo public will attract attention due to the community's natural interest in what we are doing. So we want to make sure it's done at the right time, when there is something worthwhile for them to see.


  1. Provide technical leadership and direction - with the 2.2 Milestone release scheduled for January, now is the time to be driving discussions around the items we want to prioritise. This includes, but not limited to:

    • Flow Testing Framework
    • Runtime Hooks on Deploy path
  2. Improve the node ecosystem. This includes:

    • node-red-dev - CLI tool for node developers to help them produce higher quality nodes
    • Integrating node-red-dev into the Flow Library to provide node scorecards
  3. Improve the Getting Started experience - update and expand the getting started docs to provide a more consistent and broader range of options/platforms to run on.

  4. Community events

    • Establish a regular Node-RED virtual meetup for community members to share what they are doing with Node-RED.
    • Work towards a global Node-RED Con 2022 event in conjunction with the Node-RED Japan User Group. Build on the success of the 2021 event's global track, to make it bigger, with more EU/US-centric content and timezone accessibility