FlowForge is an open core company creating a low-code programming platform based on the OpenJS Foundation Node-RED project.

It's very early days to define the entire shape of the company, but there are some fundamental principles we believe in.

An open core

We believe strongly that Open Source lives at the heart of everything we do. Ever since we first published Node-RED as an Open Source project, we have taken great care to stay true to that principle.

The open governance model of the project means everyone has a seat at the table. We will continue to champion that model and work with the community to ensure anyone who wants to contribute to the project is able to.

The stewardship of the OpenJS Foundation will ensure there are no constraints on who can use Node-RED or how they can do so.

Open-source first

Our goal is to incorporate as much of our work directly into the core project as makes sense. Where we do create closed-source components, we will work with the community to ensure the right APIs and extension points are in the core for all to benefit from.

Fully remote

We are a fully remote company that puts a strong emphasis on trust and respect for its employees, customers, partners and communities.

We will only be successful if the whole Node-RED community is successful.