Migrating a Node-RED application to FlowForge

This guide will help you to move an existing set of flows from Node-RED into one managed by the FlowForge platform.

When migrating from your Node-RED to a FlowForge managed instance you'll export the flows, credentials, and environment variables.

Before you start ensure you can log in to FlowForge Cloud or your own FlowForge server and have created the target Node-RED instance.

Migrating the flows and credentials

Install the Node-RED tools plugin as explained in the documentation. After you created a snapshot for the target instance you'll have copied over the flows and credentials.

Migrating Environment Variables

You can use this flow to dump a list of your environment variables into the debug window. For each variable needed for the flow should be added on FlowForge under Instance > Settings > Environment tabs.

Starting the snapshot

Under the snapshots tab, click 'Rollback' in the kebab menu. The migrated flows will now be started with the modules installed.


Static Files

Check your settings.js file to see if httpStatic has been set, if so then check for any files in this path. FlowForge does not currently support serving static files so you will need to find alternative hosting for these such as AWS S3.