Using FlowForge

This guide will help you learn how to use the FlowForge platform to quickly create new Node-RED projects.


Within FlowForge, each Node-RED instance is called a Project. The Project is owned by a Team that provides all the necessary access control.

The Project is created from a Template that provides its default settings and runs on a Stack that determines the Node-RED version, memory, and CPU usage.

For more details on these and other core concepts, you can learn about them here.

Working with Projects

  • Snapshots - Create point-in-time backups of your project
  • Environment Variables - How to manage Environment Variables in your projects
  • Change Project Stack - How to change a projects stack, for example to upgrade Node-RED
  • Logs - The Logs available in the FlowForge application.
  • Project Link Nodes - Custom nodes for sending messages between projects and devices.

Working with Teams

Working with Devices

FlowForge supports deploying projects to remote Devices. They run a software agent that connects back to the platform to receive updates.