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Welcome to the FlowForge newsletter, a regular roundup of what’s happening with both FlowForge and the wider Node-RED community.

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FlowForge 0.9
Version 0.9 was released on 1st September. Our latest release includes some great new features, quality of life improvements and bug fixes. Notable additions included the ability to suspend your projects, login with your email and define custom paths for your dashboards.

If you’d like to learn more about what else was included in 0.9 you can do so on our blog post, on our GitHub release page and on our Youtube channel. We’d also love for more of you to get involved in the development of FlowForge, contributions to the code and bug reports are really appreciated.

Node-RED Con 2022
We are happy to again be involved in Node-RED con. The event is being held online on 7th October, with content for both English and Japanese speakers. You can find out more on the Node-RED Con website.

FlowForge Team News
We’d like to welcome Rob Marcer to the FlowForge team. Rob has joined as our Developer Educator, he's going to work to help you get the best value from FlowForge by developing our documentation and community support.

We are also recruiting for NodeJS Developers, if you’re interested in joining our team please apply here.

Official Node-RED Docker Image Passes Milestone
Docker has announced that the Node-RED Docker image has now been downloaded over 100 million times. They have also created a guide to using Node-RED to Build and Deploy a Retail Store Items Detection System Using No-Code AI Vision at the Edge. We think it’s worth a read.

Simulating IOT Projects in Your Browser
While not directly related to FlowForge we’ve enjoyed wasting a little too much time looking at the simulated IOT projects on Wokwi. The Simon Game with Score project is a little too addictive.

Try FlowForge for Free
As a thank you for reading our newsletters we’d like to offer you a free, small project for one month on FlowForge when you create a new team. To get this discount please use the code RELEASE09 when on the payment page after creating a new team.


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