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Four weeks have passed since our initial release of FlowForge, and we're happy to release v0.2 today as we continue moving forward and evolve the platform.

There aren't lots of headline features in this release to tell you about as a lot of the work has been on the internals, as well as responding to some of the early feedback from the community.

Features like improving the test framework, and building a database migration framework may not sound too exciting to the end user, but they are critical pieces when build a platform that needs to be stable and easy to upgrade.

We've also been doing work to get our own instance of the platform running in the Cloud - and figuring out how to automate as much of that as possible. Aside from being a key way to test the platform, it helps validate the work we're doing for when others come to run it in that way. It also lays the ground work for our own cloud service we'll be sharing more about in the coming days.

The full change-log for the core of the platform is available on GitHub. But with a further 15 repositories containing different components, each with its own change-log, we're still thinking about how best to share a single view of the updates.

Getting started with FlowForge

The documentation provides a guide for installing FlowForge on a local server.

If you haven't played with FlowForge 0.1 yet, here's a more complete walk-through of the platform:

Upgrading FlowForge

If you installed FlowForge 0.1 and want to upgrade, our documentation provides a guide for upgrading FlowForge on a local server.

Getting help

If you hit any problems with the platform, or have questions to ask, please do raise an issue on GitHub.

That also includes if you have any feedback or feature requests.

We also have a #flowforge channel on the Node-RED Slack workspace.

What's next?

Our regular release cycle puts the next release on Thursday 17th March. We've got some key features planned in this release around Project Templates and Stacks - which will underpin how you can customise Node-RED within FlowForge.

We'll also have some exciting news to share about our own hosted service you'll be able to sign-up for.

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