Meet the Team

  • Early GitLab employee, still knows too much about Git for his own good
  • BSc in Computer Science, developing software since his teenage years
  • Only half an Ironman, but certainly knows how to swim, bike, and run
ZJ van de Weg
  • Created Node-RED in 2013 and continues to lead the Open Source project
  • Member of the OASIS MQTT Standards Committee
  • Called 'one of those computer geeks' by King Charles III many years ago
Nick O'Leary
  • Reformed triathlete (stil swim and ride)
  • 20+ years of Software Engineering, 9 of those doing customer support
  • Heavy Stack Overflow user, answering questions on MQTT & Node-RED
Ben Hardill
Senior Software Engineer
  • Programming since I was teenager. Lets just say a 'long time'
  • 25y as an Engineer in the automotive sector primarily interfacing field technologies and IS/IT
  • Love to travel - it broadens the mind. Favourite places include Japan, Cuba and Thailand
Steve McLaughlin
Node-RED OSS Developer
  • 10 years of UX & Design Experience
  • Former IBM Master Inventor & Emerging Technology Specialist
  • 18 Filed Patents
  • Qualified Rocket Scientist
Joe Pavitt
Head of UX & Design
  • Founder of CRM SaaS.
  • Collects hobbies for a hobby.
  • Loves low-code, using Node-RED is not 'work'.
Rob Marcer
Developer Educator
  • Over a decade working fully remotely
  • Part of the London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony
  • Enjoys running to clear his head
Pez Cuckow
Senior Software Engineer