Pricing Principles

This page sets out the concepts that we sell and how those are measured across both SaaS and Licensed Editions of the platform. This does not define specific dollar amounts for any items those are commercial decisions outside the scope of this document.


Teams are the basic unit within FlowForge and the entity to which bills are charged. Teams own zero or more projects. Teams can be on different tiers of plan, the main differentiation being the value added features provided by the FlowForge platform. There will be a free tier which provides core functionality and enables the user to create projects, the free tier limits the size of the team to a small number (3) of members. A paid tier offers access to the collaboration functionality. The paid tier is priced at $X per member of the team with an upper limit at which point the customer is managed onto a higher enterprise tier. The value the customer is paying for here is the additional functionality of the flowforge platform above that of just running standard node-red. The EE license will be for a defined number of teams and users, The CE License will be restricted to only the features of the basic team, and the number of members in a team will be limited to the same number(3) as the basic team on the FlowForge managed instance.


These are the primary units which customers pay for. On the FlowForge managed instances, different levels of pricing can be offered based on the resources that the project has available (CPU/Mem). The price point is defined by the Project Type which allows for an abstraction of stacks and billing. Additional features may also be defined by the project type such as Custom Domains or Persistent Context. The EE License will be for a defined number of Projects but will not place any restrictions on the resources that can be assigned to a project. The CE License will allow 50 projects however certain project features like persistent context or custom domains will not be available to CE projects.


Devices are owned by the team and are charged for when they are created regardless of if they are assigned to a project or their connection state. The team is billed per device at the same rate regardless of tier or number of devices. A team plan may include a number of free devices. The EE License will be for a defined number of devices on the platform regardless of teams. The CE license will allow 50 devices.


Add-ons are services that could potentially be obtained outside the FlowForge platform from another provider but the customer gets value from buying it as part of FlowForge due to the nature of a single bill and ease of integration for things like credentials. They are billed against the team and the resource can then be made available to either the whole team or a single project. Some add-ons may have a quantity of more than 1. Where possible add-ons should be avoided in favor of additional features on teams or projects.


From the perspective of licensing CE/EE are just different tiers of the same product, the CE edition is simply an install that does not have a license key provided and as such gets a basic set of features and quantity of projects(50), users(150), teams(50) and devices(50). When a license is purchased it provides all of the functionality of the higher team plans. It's then licensed for a number of projects, teams, users and devices on an annual basis. If a customer attempts to exceed their licensed amounts they are prevented from creating the resource until the license is upgraded. There may be features in the licensed versions that are not offered on FlowForge Managed services.

Summary Table

this feature list is not exhaustive

Feature FlowForge Managed Licensed
Projects Tiered Project types
Charged per project
CE - 50
EE - Total on platform
Teams Tiered Team Plans,
Charged per member
CE - 50 (3 members per team)
EE - Total on platform
Devices Charged per device created CE - 50
EE - Total on platform
Users N/A CE - 150
EE - Total on platform
System Templates Included Included
Personal Access Tokens Included Included
Duplicate Projects Included Included
Custom Node Catalog Included EE
Team Templates Depending on Team Plan EE
Team Libraries Depending on Team Plan EE
Version Control of Flows Depending on Team Plan EE
Concurrent Editing Depending on Team Plan EE
Persistent Context Depending on Project Type EE
Custom project domain Depending on Project Type EE
Persistent Storage Project Type/Add On EE (BYO Storage)
MQTT User data Team Plan/Add On EE
Billing N/A EE
Enterprise SSO N/A EE